Regulations & Policy:
  1. Compliance advisory for all major global markets and sustainability metrics (US RFS, California’s LCFS, European RED, Canadian RFS, etc.)
  2. Facility planning, QA/QC protocol, verification of waste streams, waste to fuel processes
  3. Policy guidance, regulatory liaison, new feedstock/pathways petitions

leafRenewable Fuel Credits (RINs & LCFS, etc.)
  1. Quality assurance program (RINQAP)
  2. Compliance management
  3. Price indexing and trends
  4. Value optimization and access to carbon markets
  5. Lifecycle analysis via GREET, GHGenius and others


A 360 Approach for Biogas
  1. Asset Valuation
  2. ROI Analysis/Risk Assessment
  3. Waste Shed Studies
  4. BMP Availability
  5. Implementation Plan and Project Delivery
  6.  RFS and LCFS Compliance and Consulting Services
  7. RIN Management



Software Solutions
  1. Custom compliance automation
  2. GIS analysis
  3. Data management and warehousing
  4. Biomass Availability Assessment


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