EcoEngineers guides energy companies through the maze of clean energy regulations and improves their bottom line by ensuring access to fuel and carbon markets. Our core strengths are audit, compliance management and consulting services. We combine these strengths to support projects that promote energy recovery and reuse.


EcoEngineers has advised over 200 companies on compliance matters related to US environmental fuel credits (RINS) and registered them with the USEPA to participate in US markets. EcoEngineers' value offerings fall within the following categories:

  1. Regulations & Policy: Compliance management, facility planning, federal liaison, EU certifications
  2. Renewable Fuel Credits: RIN QAP, price indexing and trends, CAGREET analysis, LCFS verifications
  3. Engineering: Design reviews, RFS reviews, process improvements, new pathways petitions
  4. Project Development: Feasibility studies; Project finance; Engineering; Build-Own-Operate

Since 2009, EcoEngineers has been leading the way by providing people centered solutions to the renewable fuels industry. Based in Des Moines, Iowa, we advocate on behalf of people around the world who are bringing innovation and renewable resources to the global market.